Figure Skating

On the other hand, I say, we make missiles And blocked Yenisei river And also in the field of ballet We are ahead of the entire planet. Yu. Vizbor "The Story of technologist Petukhov"

Photo: www.loshadi.ruA few days ago, the site of the International Skating Union published the list of participants for each of the ISU Grand Prix events. Grand Prix is like racing horses before the horseracing World championships, where the composition of each race is put together very carefully.

Photo what son-of-a-bitch and liar Came this thing,Where childhood's exchangedFor medals?!What devil's stateFound it to be so funTo steal the others' fameIn broad daylight?! Alexander GALICH, "Olympic fairytale". always, the usual disclaimers regarding this journalist apply. In particular, this interpreter does not necessarily share Mr. Werner's opinion about the outward appearance of female ice dancers, and certainly has some strong disagreements with him regarding the direction of men skating in general and the results of this particular championships in particular...

The World FigureSkating Championships 2007 in Tokio began with 2 surprises: a nice one and an expected one. The nice one was the blossom of the Japanese cherry – Sakura – one of the Japanese national symbols. The expected – ISU President Ottavio Cinquanta admitting that without a new contract with a TV company the Worlds 2009 might be cancelled due to the lack of funding.

The French event of the Grand Prix ISU (International Skating Union) series is traditionally considered one of the most interesting competitions of the Old World. It’s here, as opposed to the German Gelsenkirchen that the best duelists of the World figure skating cross blades. And, even though this sport sees progressively fewer bright individual, and progressively more cloned jumping beans, Paris..

October 7 through 10, the former German Democratic Republic figure skating capital Carl- Marx-Stadt hosted an ISU Junior Grand Prix event. Though, since the unification of two unequal halves of Germany, the resultant country became poorer in both money and talent. Many cities lost their names. So, the city of the Discoverer of Traveling Ghost* got its old name, Chemnitz. Though in exchange they got..

The Salt-Lake-City Olympic season had finished, and it gave start to the Turin Olympic season. The Games in the USA couldn't be anything but the biggest, the most expensive and actually the "-est-est": the prestige of a country as the Super-power obliged (as well as the Moscow Olympics organizers 22 years ago). In some way they became that: for a long time the world hasn't known such scandals, that..

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