Figure Skating

So the Olympics ice-dancing competition has finished. One wants to hope, that the war, declared by the North-American press to the whole other sports world will also finally finish. It's truly said that even in the democratic countries the mood of mass media always follows the mood of the politicians. After all, editors of magazines and newspapers, and TV-channels bosses as a rule are people close..

ForewordIt's not with malice, but with regret that I was writing about my heroine. While gathering material for this story, I had to listen to many an unpleasant details about this woman, whose pretty look seem to hide her real face shown here. But this is what the critic's job is like. His job is like that of the traffic policeman who has to fine violators to prevent them from getting a sense of impunity..

A new winter sports season is beginning, and of all the winter sports, figure skating worries me more than any other. Considerable changes have recently taken place in the Figure Skating Federation of Russia which negate the entire process of revival of this fine sport.

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